A Vision For Our Future

The year is 2022.  Dundee is a rural city (population range: 5,000 to 5,750) noted for it’s freshness and harmony with nature.  The coordinated and on-going efforts of its citizens, city government and local business organizations continually work to preserve and enhance the charm and rural character of this special place. 

A PLACE THAT IS KNOWN- The city is known as the center of the Oregon wine industry, featuring the rich past and thriving present of Oregon’s finest agricultural heritage. Agricultural products that have contributed to Dundee’s development are identified and acknowledged.

Pedestrian friendly paths follow the Willamette River, while scenic picnic areas and nature parks add to the serene environment. Wildlife corridors, walking trails and bicycle paths further enhance the opportunities for enjoying nature. A citywide system of interconnecting pedestrian walkways and greenways are unimpeded by motorist traffic. Preservation of views, parks and greenways is paramount in planning and building. Hillsides remain lush green sentinels to be visually enjoyed by all.

BUSINESS DISTRICT- The business district has been expanded and redesigned to encourage leisurely pedestrian movement throughout the shopping area. Strategically located, the city center provides a gathering place for small-scale artistic performances. A reputation for it’s fine shops and restaurants has contributed to Dundee having become a destination location for visitors, while at the same time bringing beneficial amenities for the enjoyment of local residents.

Because State Highway 99 W was re-routed to the Newberg-Dundee Bypass, Dundee now has it’s own local main street. The redesigned traffic patterns enhance and support the local economy with its visually attractive landscaping and accessible parking areas. The City has assisted in redevelopment efforts throughout the community.

CITY GOVERNMENT- The City of Dundee provides for the safety and well being of its citizens through a well-trained, professional staff. City Hall and the Visitors Center provide up-to-date and accurate information to the public. Its buildings are attractive and meet the needs of the community, as well as employees. Community wide meetings are held each year to keep government, citizens and city employees fully involved and informed.

SCHOOLS- Schools are located in neighborhood settings and together with the Community Center furnish year round family activities.

RESIDENTIAL- Street lighting and noise levels are in harmony with the city‘s pleasant natural environment.  Shade trees border the streets, adding to the village quality.

IMPLEMENTATION – Since adoption of a Community Vision Statement, Dundee’s Comprehensive Plan and all development and zoning ordinances have been rewritten to implement the community’s vision. The community has set design standards, which mirror the Vision.

CONCLUSION- Dundee is a model for citizen engagement, working together with community members, businesses, developers and government entities to provide effective government, and public/private partnerships in the creation of a pleasant, livable small town.  There is not another place in the country like Dundee that has succeeded in creating such an attractive and harmonious atmosphere.