Land Use Applications

Dundee Development Code

The purpose of the Dundee Development Code is to implement the goals and policies of the City of Dundee Comprehensive Land Use Plan, provide methods of administering and enforcing the provisions of this Ordinance, and promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community.

The use of all land, as well as the construction, reconstruction, enlargement, structural alteration, movement, use, or occupation of any structure within the City of Dundee shall conform to the requirements of this Ordinance.


Dundee Development Code





Pre-Application Meeting Application


Decision Made By Administrative Review

Type I - Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Application

Type I - Bed and Breakfast Application

Type I - Checklist Review Application (Change of Use/Minor Site Development)

Type I - Final Plat Submission Application

Type I - Home Occupation Application

Type I - Property Line Adjustments/Property Consolidation Application

Type I - Sign Permit Application

Type I - Temporary Use/Long-Term Food Cart Application

Type II - Code Adjustment Application

Type II - Partition Application

Type II - Standard Short Term Rental Application (A Business License Application and Transient Tax Registration Form are also required at the time of submittal. Forms can be found below.)

Type II - Site Design Application

Type II Decision - Appeal Application (To Planning Commission)

Type II Decision - Appeal Application (To City Council)


Decision Made By Planning Commission Public Hearing

Type III - Conditional Use Application

Type III - NonConforming Use Situation Application

Type III - Planned Unit Development/Subdivision Application

Type III - Variance Application

Type III Decision - Appeal Application


Decision Made By Public Hearings at both the Planning Commission and City Council

Type IV - Comprehensive Map Amendment/Zone Change Application



Fee Schedule

Business License Application

Transient Room Tax Registration Form

Transient Room Tax Remittance Form