What forms of payment are accepted as payment for my utility bill?

The City of Dundee accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, visa, and mastercard payments. Bill pay checks (sent by your bank) are also accepted. In addition, you can pay your bill online with Xpress Bill Pay

 What is the Irrigation Rate?

The irrigation rate is in effect during the billing cycles from May through October. During these months, the City recognizes that many citizens are planting gardens, irrigating lawns, and using water for activities that have no impact to the City's sewer system.

For this reason, during these months a winter consumption average, using the months December through February, is calculated and locked in as your sewer consumption for the months May through October.

 Do I qualify for the irrigation rate if I wasn't here during the winter months?

Yes. Accounts that do not have a full usage history, for the months December to February, to calculate a consumption will be given a standard sewer usage of 550cf during the irrigation season. This amount will remain in effect until the next irrigation season, at which time we sufficient history would have been established.