SW 9th and Alder Streets Reconstruction Project

Update: May 22, 2024

Construction Status

1.  Street trees are installed.

2.  Franchise Utility Relocations:  PGE is scheduled to begin Monday May 20, 2024.  Expect SW 9th Street to be closed to vehicular traffic periodically.  PGE's work could take up to a month or more.  After PGE's work is completed, communication franchises will complete the relocation work.

3. Street Paving: Final lift of asphalt is currently planned to be placed on SW 9th Street on Friday May 31st and may extend into Saturday June 1st if necessary. The remaining paving crossing improvements at the SW 9th & Alder intersection will be completed after the franchise utility conflicts are relocated.



The City will be working with contractors C&M Excavation and Utilities and Lawson Corp. to reconstruct SW 9th and Alder Streets. The plan for SW 9th Street calls for the undergrounding of electric and other lines from Highway 99W to Linden Lane on the east side of the street. New sidewalks on both sides of SW 9th from Highway 99W till Alder Street. 9th Street itself will be rebuilt from the base up, then covered with at least three inches of asphalt.

One side of the road will be open for traffic, except for approximately three days when the intersection of SW 9th Street and Alder Street will be rebuilt. During that time, a detour will be set up directing drivers around the construction area. This route will use SW 11th Street, to SW Falcon Crest Drive, to SW 9th Street. The exact time for this detour has not been decided but will be posted as soon as it is known.

The intersection will add turn lanes from SW 9th Street to Alder that will increase the size of the intersection making it safer than it is now. On Alder Street about a thousand feet of road will be rebuilt with sidewalks added to the north side of the street. Storm water detention will be added to the north, a pipe will be added to the storm water ditch, and the ditch will be covered up. This will help control the water run-off.

Between Highway 99W and Linden Lane, trees will be added to both sides of SW 9th Street and to a newly created center median.  

The cost of the project is a little over $3 million dollars with money coming from Urban Renewal, a local improvement district, and a loan the city is receiving from the Oregon Department of Transportation. The loan is a little under $1.3 million dollars and has a 2.77% loan rate. The length of the loan is ten years.